Pressure regulating valves







Model's name
SRV-1100F SRV-1100FS
Fluids Steam, Industrial water, Gas (N2).
Size (mm) 15A,20A,25A,40A,50A
Final connection Threaded Flanged (A105) Flanged (SCS13)
Material Body: Stainless steel / Diaphragm: PTFE / Disc: Carbon graphite PTFE.
Reduction ratio
1:1(15A,20A), 1:0.8(25A,40A,50A)
Temperature Max.230ºC (446ºF)
Pressure Max.15kg/cm2 (213 psi)
Hydraulic body test Max.48kg/cm2 (683 psi)

a) JIS, DIN and ANSI standards are available.
b) Size 32A is not available.
c) The reduction rate can be changed on the real line.



a) The inlet pressure is 7 kg/cm2.
b) Size 20A (Ratio 1:1), Size 25A (Ratio 1:0.8).
c) On the real line, data can be changed.


a) Pilot air supply is set pressure.

b) Set pressure is supplied from an I/P converter or air regulator.

c) Because the turndown rate is changed in the actual line, the I/P converter or air regulator must be calibrated to obtain the required pressure at the second port.

d) A pressure gauge is installed to check the reduced pressure in the second port.

e) Complete flushing of pipes is required prior to valve installation.

f) The pressure regulating valve must be in a vertical position in horizontal pipes.

g) A check valve is installed to prevent reverse flow.

h) To protect the valve, a filter must be installed before the valve.

i) The feedback line should be spiral.