Control valves








Model Name
Lineal VCM-1000F(S) VCM-1000S
VOM-1000F VOM-1000S
% equivalent
VCM-1100F(S) VCM-1100S
VOM-1100F VOM-1100S
Fluids Steam, Industrial Water, Gas (N2), aire
Size (mm) 15A~40A(VCM-1100F : 15A~80A)
Operation Normally closed (NC) Normally open (NO)
FInal Connection Bridado Roscado Bridado Roscado
Material Acero inoxidable, Tapón y Asiento: Estelitado (Soldadura)
Flow Characteristics Linear / Equal %
Spring range 0.2 ~ 1.0kg/cm2 (2.9~14.0psi) : KP Max.7 kg/cm2
0.4~1.2kg/cm2 (5.7~17.1psi) : KP Max.16 kg/cm2
0.8~2.4kg/cm2 (11~34.0psi) : KP Max.24 kg/cm2
Temperature Máx.220°C (428°F) / Same: Máx.250°C (482°F)
Presión Max.32kg/cm2 (455psi)
Seat type Single seat
Hydraulic body test Max.48kg/cm2 (682psi)

a) JIS, DIN and ANSI standards are available.

b) (S) means SUS flange.

c) E/P positioner is available.

d) ⲔP means differential pressure. ⲔP = P1 – P2.

e) ⲔP for sizes 65A, 80A is Max. 4kg/cm2 (spring range 0.2~1.0kg/cm2)
UK Max. 18kg/cm2 (spring range 0.8~2.4kg/cm2)


a) Shape of the plug.

b) The graph does not include real system variables.

c) In the actual installed flow characteristic, the Equivalent Percentage becomes more Linear and the Linear becomes more Quick Opening.


a) The control valve must be connected with an E/P positioner or an I/P converter.

b) If the valve is purchased with an E/P positioner, it is supplied after setting the Zero and Range. However, when the user uses an I/P converter, the user must adjust the Zero and Range of the I/P converter.

c) To protect the valve, a filter must be installed before the valve.